Open Agile Friday Spring 2018

Our first Agile Friday of 2018 will be February 23rd.  Agile Fridays are days that are designed to bring together students from Satellite Campuses and our main Solar Campus. Fridays have a free form style to them. Come ready to explore the outdoors or do creative crafting and everything in between. Group 4 Learners don’t arrive until 12:30p so keep that in mind if your Learner is High School age. The younger Learners are there all day and enjoy a cooking class in the morning that all guests are allowed to join. This is particularly useful if your Learner enjoys helping younger kiddos cook.

Advance registration and payment are required to attend.  Please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page. We are limiting guest students to 5 and their families, so please don’t wait to register and pay to get your confirmation from us. Deadline for registering will be February 19th.

PARENT PARTICIPATION: Although parents and guardians are not required to participate in every activity or group, we do expect them to stay on site throughout the day and be available for certain activities with their student(s).

AGES: While this event is intended for students aged 5 and up, caregivers are welcome to bring younger children with the understanding that the caregiver will be 100% responsible for those under age 5 as well as remaining available for their older students when needed.

TIMING: Morning circle begins promptly at 8:45am, so plan to arrive at The Solar Campus a few minutes before so your family can get settled in and complete some paperwork. Closing circle will begin around 3:15pm and should be ending sometime between 3:30 and 3:45.

Register for this event to receive driving directions and suggested items to bring.


$35 per Satellite Campus student participating in school day
$40 is the daily drop-in rate for NON-FSSC students
No charge for parents or children under 5, however, if the parent or children under 5 want to eat lunch with the school it is $5 a person. This fee is included in the student fee for the other children over 5 that are participating in the classes.

Date(s) - Feb 23, 2018
8:45 am - 3:30 pm

The Farm School – Solar Campus