Ada Hatcher, Co-Director

Ada Hatcher is one of three CoDirectors of The Farm School and our lead early childhood educator. After receiving her B.A. from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010, her love for dance, theatre, and costume design brought her to Mills College, where she completed her Master’s in Fine Arts. Her dedication to dance, artistic expression, and the process of
learning, brought her back to her passion for working with children. After giving birth to her daughter, she became an advocate for the rights of young children and began her journey into the world of early childhood research, discovering what it truly means to
honor the needs of children. She is now a doctoral student in the Early Childhood Program at East Tennessee State University. Through the process of self-reflection and change, Ada continually strives to better herself in order to best serve the needs of her students. Together, they work in collaboration, engaging in a learning process that is exploratory,
challenging, creative, and fun. She strongly believes that children learn best when their emotional and academic needs are being met and that they must be given ample opportunities to communicate themselves in various mediums of expression. When we approach this work with kindness, grace, and strength, we are teaching our children to go out into the world with the necessary confidence and self-knowing that they will need in order to make a positive impact on the world.