Ann Kindfield, Math

Ann is a teacher, primarily math, at The Farm School (and the principal's spouse ;-) After receiving her MA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Santa Barbara, Ann developed an interest student learning and completed her PhD in Science and Math Education at UC Berkeley. Ann and Peter have two children, both of whom graduated from The Farm School and are now in college. Over the years both children have worked as counselors for the KTC program and/or as lifeguards at The Farm swimming hole. In addition to her work at The Farm School, Ann is a science education consultant focusing on curriculum and assessment development. Her not-work interests include singing, reading, meditating, spending time with family and friends, walking, and biking.

Ann uses a tutoring approach in middle/high school math. Students from different ages and backgrounds take middle/high school math, so many students are working with different concepts at different levels in the same class - anywhere from Pre-Algebra and Practical Math to Trigonometry and Statistics. Older students are encouraged to take one of their math courses through the local community college dual enrollment program, simultaneously earning high school and college credit. They also work on practice ACTs and SATs in preparation for taking standardized tests for college entry.

Using a tutoring approach enables students to work at a meaningful pace in concert with goals they set as to what they want to accomplish over a given period of time, using backward planning to help them manage their time and achieve those goals. Regardless of the particular math a student is working on, a strong emphasis is placed on understanding why the algorithms that everyone learns work the way they do. For example, when studying fractions everyone learns the algorithm - "flip" the fraction one is dividing by and multiply the number one is dividing into by this reciprocal. But knowing to apply this "rule" is not the whole story. More importantly, students learn why they do this. In addition, students learn a variety of problem-solving strategies that are applicable to almost any math they tackle as well as work in other domains.

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