Sarah Martin, Solar Campus Co-Director/Group 3 Teacher

Sarah is one of three Co-Directors of the Farm School Solar Campus as well as their full-time Upper Elementary Educator. Sarah's history with The Farm School goes back to her childhood when she attended there from first through third grade, after which her family relocated to Nashville.  After earning a BA from UT Knoxville, she returned to The Farm and began teaching a high school literature class at the school in 1999/2000.  Sarah has always had a love of working with children and worked in various capacities, including babysitting, day care centers, and preschools beginning as a teenager. She became a mom in 2002 and was a full-time homeschooling parent for the next 12+ years with her 2 children and intermittently with other children.  She continued her own learning process during those 12 years, doing extensive research into various types of educational theories.  She applied what she was learning to her home school days with her children.  Throughout the years this ranged from a formatted and scheduled curriculum to a complete child-led learning philosophy, oftentimes going back and forth in a range of methods.  She started teaching part-time at The Farm School in 2016 and through the years, has now become a full-time teacher. Sarah implements many aspects of the various educational philosophies she is passionate about into her classroom; the main backbone being one of compassion and honoring each and every one of her students as individuals. She believes that learning is happening continuously for all humans and views her main role in the classroom as a resource and mentor for her students.  She creates a classroom environment where a love of learning shines through.