How to enter Attendance into the Parent Dashboard

We recommend entering attendance per semester or even monthly.

Once you click the Attendance button in the menu, click the Activate Attendance button shown below, then click the green Activate Attendance button. (You have to click 2 different buttons named Activate Attendance)

Click photo to enlarge

Once you have done this your screen should have a table like the one below.

The lightening bolt on the left is a shortcut to enter a whole month at one time. Otherwise you can click on any day on the table. The legend is as follows:

Accepted Attendance Values

Y = Attended
E = Excused Absence
N = Did Not Attend
H = Holiday
S = Sick Day
V = Vacation

There is an autofill option under the lightening bolt. This will autofill the month for Monday – Friday throughout the month. If you only want to enter a value for certain days click the box to the left of the dates and enter what value (for example, Y) in the value box and click submit.


Have more than one student with us? You can copy attendance that you have entered from one student to another. See the photo below!

Click Copy Attendance to Sibling AFTER you have entered attendance for at least one student.

Then you will see the above screen with a list of your students. Then confirm the copy. (See below)