Welcome Farm School Satellite Program Alum (or Alumnus/ Alumna)!

Use this form if
1) you graduated from our program in Classes of 2009 thru 2016
2) your family no longer has an active Homeschooling Reporting Online account under our school.
If you are a class of 2017 student and /or your family has an active HSRO account, please use the HSRO Request Manager to make this request.

Charge for replacement diploma is $10 and $10 per transcript after 2 transcripts have been requested.

If you have any questions, please email rec[email protected]

Please ensure that all of your information has been updated at HSRO, including all high school grades and credits earned under our program. Do not add credits earned elsewhere unless directed to do so). Please do one school per request.

Transcript/Diploma Request

  • Please enter the graduation date.
  • Mailing address needed. Please notate in the comment section if you would like to pick up your transcript or diploma from the Main Campus in Summertown, TN.
  • In case we have any questions, please provide a good email address.
  • In case we have any questions please provide us with a good phone number.