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The Farm School is developing a Community Commons that includes, among many other wonderful features, a wiki database of online educational activities and resources that will be available this coming summer. Our community commons will include material developed by teachers at The Farm School Solar and Satellite Campuses and links to curriculum and support provided by our sister school, Global Village School.

While we are getting our Community Commons ready for our grand reopening, please check out the Curriculum Guides and teacher support for those guides provided by Global Village School page. If you decide to purchase curriculum guides from them, please let them know that you found them through The Farm School.

Part time Options In Summertown

Our part time options are designed to provide flexibility for enrolling families while also protecting our faculty’s sanity. The basic structure of our week is that M-Th feature ongoing cumulative courses (e.g., communication arts, math, science, social studies and project time) while our Fridays are stand-alone days with a format that tends to change over the years.

We haven’t quite nailed the format for Fridays this year but it will almost certainly include some kind of service project (a project that benefits others beyond ourselves) in the morning, which for many if not all of us, includes cooking the lunch that we all share, followed by fun classes that in the past have included dance, mural painting, photography, wilderness survival and creative crafting.

Our part time options include:

  •   Enrolling for just Fridays,
  •   Enrolling for full days Monday through Thursday, and
  •   Enrolling for a specific class or classes Monday through Thursday. Anyone enrolling in an ongoing class must agree to attend all meetings of that class. We no longer have an option to attend ongoing classes one or two days a week.

We also typically open 2 or 3 Fridays a quarter for Satellite campus families that want to join with us on a more occasional basis. And finally, we have two outdoor weeks per year when a limited number of Satellite Campus families can join us. Fall Outdoor Week Registration

The fees for Fridays for families enrolled in our Satellite Campus are: $1,080 for a full year of Fridays ($30 per day), $300 for a quarter ($33.33 per day) or $35 for a single open Friday. These fees include a $5 fee for the food we will cook. We will soon post what the Fridays are per quarter for the single Open Fridays. Check the calendar for updates.