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Driver’s Learner Permit or Intermediate License

What is the Tennessee Graduated Driver License Program?

Tennessee requires proof of attendance, for which we supply a letter on school letterhead.

If a student under the age of 18 requests a DMV letter from us during the school year and does not…

  • submit semester reports in a timely manner
  • obtain GED or graduate
  • transfer to another school OR
  • re-enroll with us for the the next school year on or by Aug 1

…then we are required to report the student to the DMV.

To obtain a proof of attendance and progress letter for the DMV to obtain a learner permit/ driver’s license using your Parent Dashboard:

  • The student must have been registered with us for at least 30 days and have accrued at least 30 days of attendance – that means if you request a DMV letter on or after July 1, 2019, you must be enrolled for our 19/20 school year.
  • Please ensure that course work (grades to date) and attendance have been updated online. Prior semester course grades and credits must be updated, and current semester work should be listed as IP (in progress).
  • Log in to the Parent Dashboard. There is a link that is labeled “Requests.”
  • In the request comments box include the following information
    • Student’s FULL LEGAL name
    • Date of birth
    • FULL Address (including COUNTY – not country)
    • Parent/legal guardian name
  • Progress information:
    • New: The date you submitted the request.
    • On Hold: School is missing information and cannot complete. Please contact the school office.
    • Closed: The date your request was completed
  • Please allow 1 full work week for these forms to be processed & postal mailed. We do not accept rush requests for this letter.


Please note that we do NOT use The Common Application to submit transcripts.

Requirements for requesting a high school transcript in the Parent Dashboard:

  • In the comments area of the form include:
    • FULL name of student
    • Provide college names and addresses to which the transcript should be postal mailed. The transcript will include the most recent ACT/SAT score IF you have entered that data online at HSRO (through June 30th, 2018) or through our Parent Dashboard: (beginning July 1, 2018)
  • Allow 2 weeks processing time from date of final approval of draft transcript by the parent. No rush processing.
  • Please ensure that you have all high school credits and grades updated.

For students who plan to attend college as the next step in life, we recommend using the graduation requirements used by the public schools as a guide. There are several options for recording credits for high school students.


Requirements for requesting a Diploma using the Parent Dashboard:

  • Please ensure that all of your information has been updated in our Parent Dashboard, including all high school grades and credits earned under our program. Do not add credits earned elsewhere unless directed to do so).
  • In the comments area include:
    • FULL name of student (as you want it printed on the the diploma)
    • Graduation Date : Month Day Year
    • If not picking up at the Farm School Solar Campus on The Farm in Summertown, please include the student’s current postal address.