Welcome to The Farm School Satellite Campuses Program!

At this point you have received your enrollment confirmation email – congratulations!

Ready to see where you add attendance & progress/narrative evaluations? If yes, then follow the info below!

This is what your Parent Dashboard should look like now, if you have paid.

(click the photo to enlarge it)

The next thing you need to do is click on the link under “School Year” to setup your school year reporting.

Next, click on “Setup School Year Dates”. It should look something like this but it is totally flexible. Since the school year starts July 1 and ends June 30 each year, the school year here should be between those dates. You can change these dates at any time but you can’t change from semester to quarter or vice versa once you choose one.

This is what your screen should look like once you have setup the school year. If you don’t see the dates on this screen then you haven’t setup the school year yet.

Once you have the school year setup, click on the first student’s school year. (View Student’s School Year) If your Learner is K-8 grade you have the option to use either the Add Course or Narrative Evaluation to submit progress for them. All high school Learners must use the Add Course option. (If you need assistance translating your homeschool style to traditional course/letter grade, let us know)

If you choose Add Course:

Click Add Course on this screen or Add Elective if the course you want to add isn’t listed under Add Course. Only the red * fields are required to add the course/elective. Each course under the Add Course screen has a grade level of that course in parenthesis. To find a course title quickly, you can type in part of the course title you are looking for. Then click on the course you want when it pops up.

Make sure you scroll down and click the green submit button. Once you add the courses it is EZ to update the grade on the next screen. You just have to get the courses added first.

Once you have added your courses you can either add the grade or IP, In Progress by clicking the box under the semester or quarter you are wanting to enter info on.

For K- 8 you have the option to do Pass/Fail or Excellent/Satisfactory, etc. These boxes should be filled if at the end of the school year.

Click here for directions on how to enter Attendance for the year.