Our Educational Philosophy

At The Farm School students learn as they apply basic skills and content to real-world issues with a focus on peace, equality and sustainability. We use responsive curriculum to connect what our students learn to their and our community’s needs, interests, experiences and values. We tailor curriculum to individual student’s wants and needs.63

How We Run

The school is open five days a week. We have our regularly scheduled classes Monday through Thursday. This year we’re trying a new thing on Friday at The Solar Campus. We call it Agile Friday (because its modeled on Agile Learning Centers) or sometimes we call it Fantastic, Fairly Free Form, Food Fridays. It’s a day where everyone gets to do what they want to do supported by some planning and reflection tools. Last Friday we voted to add some additional constraints: one hour of service, an hour spent in a multi-age pod (one older, one or more of the “middles” and one or more of the “littles”), an attempt at taking on a challenge, and no electronics for the morning.

What We Learn

We offer an array of optional classes; some are traditionally based, whereas some are of students’ and community members’ own creation.

  • Science, Math and Technology for Peace, Equality and Sustainability:
    Applying science, math and technology towards personal, community and planetary peace and sustainability.
  • Social Science for Peace, Equality and Sustainability: Applying social science towards peaceful, equitable, and sustainable solutions to personal, community and international conflicts.
  • Communication Arts for Peace, Equality and Sustainability: Communicating in the service of equality, peace and sustainability for all beings using multiple languages, music, art forms and media (including magazines, newspaper, radio, the Internet, bumper stickers, T-shirts, posters and banners).
  • Being in Our Bodies: Being in and moving our bodies peacefully and sustainably.