About us

The Farm School

Our beginnings:

Located in Summertown, Tennessee (about an hour and a half South-Southwest of Nashville), The Farm School has been serving The Farm Community and selected students from outside the community since 1971. Established as a one-room school, we are now a Pre-K-12 educational resource center housed in a beautiful passive solar building serving day students from The Farm community and the surrounding area and over 2300 international home-based learners through The Farm School Satellite Campuses Program (TFS-SCP).

Vision: Connect. Respect. Inspired learning community.


At The Farm School, we aim to foster in each student strong feelings of hope and
courage so they feel confident and capable to pursue their highest purpose in today’s
changing world. To face the unique and complex challenges of the 21 st century, The
Farm School strives to:

Empower children to develop the necessary communication skills needed to problem-
solve, collaborate, and generate creative solutions to obstacles in life and learning.

Nurture a lifelong love for learning and a deep sense of hope for the future.

Kindle the spirit of creativity and imagination in all aspects of learning and living.

Embolden students to be competent researchers who use critical-thinking skills when
approaching personal, local, or global challenges.

Cultivate empathy and respect in order to maintain a peaceful learning environment
where each child feels safe to connect with themselves, other people, and the
environment with integrity and authenticity.

Inspire in each child the courage to express their unique qualities, to use their voice,
and trust that they are valued, heard, and acknowledged.